Letters to the Editor

Marx is best choice for mayor of SLO

Val Endres

SLO Tribune November 6 2016

I agree 100 percent with Charles Myers in his support of Jan Marx for mayor this coming term (“San Luis Obispo mayorship is not for beginners: Re-elect Jan Marx,” Oct. 31). Yes, her opponent, Heidi Harmon, has done — and will do excellent work for the city of San Luis Obispo, but as Charles said, mayor is not a beginner’s position.

Let’s elect our seasoned and caring expert while she is still eligible to run. Since I can’t add anything more to Charles’ excellent argument, I won’t try. If you haven’t already cast your ballot, vote for Jan Marx for mayor!

Support Harmon, but re-elect Jan Marx mayor of San Luis Obispo

Sandra Marshall

SLO Tribune November 5 2016

We have two powerful people running for mayor of San Luis Obispo. They are similar in their desire to serve; however, hands down, one far outweighs the other with experience, a proven record and a reputation that has earned her endorsements by The Tribune, local legislators, community groups and a multitude of individual citizens.

Being mayor of SLO is a complex position requiring a seasoned veteran of the City Council, someone with a thorough knowledge of how the council works. Jan Marx understands well the history and issues that have faced and continue to face our city. She has served on the City Council for 12 years, six of them as mayor.

Representing the citizens of SLO takes a leader with sound judgment, in-depth knowledge and experience. Heidi Harmon has no experience whatsoever in public office. Her history is in community activism; she is a one-issue candidate. I applaud Ms. Harmon for stepping up as a local organizer and leading No Oil Train protest marches, but stepping up to mayor? Those are pretty big shoes to fill.

Let’s re-elect Jan Marx as mayor and continue to support Harmon as a community organizer.

Read more here: http://www.sanluisobispo.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/article112866478.html#storylink=cpy
Read more here: http://www.sanluisobispo.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/article112866478.html#storylink=cSandra Marshall

San Luis Obispo is stronger thanks to Jan Marx’s tireless work

Matt Ritter

SLO Tribune November 1, 2016

I have served as chairman of the San Luis Obispo Tree Committee for nearly eight years. The committee is tasked with holding monthly meetings on controversial tree removal applications. At each meeting, difficult decisions are made, and I’m reminded of how challenging and thankless public service can be. Over time, one develops skills in listening adamantly to all sides and finding reasonable ways forward. This experience is crucial for any political candidate, which is why I’m supporting Jan Marx for mayor.

Jan does the hard work of finding the best solutions to SLO’s complex problems. During her 12 years on the SLO City Council — six as mayor — Jan has accomplished a long list of victories for our town including increased open space preserves, improvements in bicycle infrastructure, better relationships between Cal Poly and the city and increased homeless services. We are a much stronger town thanks to Jan’s tireless work.

We have a candidate in Jan that is experienced and effective. I invite everyone in our city to serve on a commission or committee and labor over the hard decisions we face. I believe Jan does this work successfully, and I encourage voters to re-elect Mayor Jan Marx in November.

Read more here: http://www.sanluisobispo.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/article111979082.html#storylink=cpy
Read more here: http://www.sanluisobispo.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/article111979082.html#storylink=c

Being Mayor is not for Beginners

Charles Myers, Founder Big Sky Cafe

New Times October 6 2016
SLO Tribune October 31 2016

In 2014 I supported Heidi Harmon, with her platform focusing on climate change, in her bid for state Assembly. She would have been one progressive vote among 80 on issues affecting California and would have had plenty of latitude to learn on the job.

However, running the city as mayor is a complicated administrative position that requires a specific skill set; one that Jan Marx has demonstrated consistently over the course of her service to San Luis Obispo. Jan Marx has done a terrific job managing the city and leading the City Council through a difficult economic period. I fully support Jan’s bid for re-election. The mayorship is not a beginner’s position. Perhaps Harmon should start by gaining and serving in a City Council position first so that we can all see what she is capable of as a public servant.

SLO needs a proven leader

James Papp – member , SLO Cultural Heritage Committee

New Times September 29 2016

The recent—and successful—struggle to save the quarter-millennium-old mission aqueduct from casual destruction by a developer’s backhoe shows why experienced leadership is necessary for San Luis Obispo. Demolition began shortly after 7 a.m. one morning. The Chumash archaeological observer called the tribal chair, the tribal chair called me, we alerted Jan Marx, and the mayor immediately sprang into action. A stop work order was issued, and within days the city and the developer reached a preservation and display agreement that will make them both proud.

The candidates for mayor have a long list of ideals; only Jan Marx has a long list of accomplishments, both before and during her tenure as mayor. The city commission I volunteer for, the Cultural Heritage Committee, is bound by reams of municipal, state, and federal regulations. As an activist, it is easy to be flippant about process, but we live in a rule-bound society. Unless you understand process, you don’t achieve product. All of my work with Jan, even when we don’t agree, shows her to be the city’s most thoughtful, committed, and—more important—effective advocate of both our natural and historic environment.

Marx has a Proven Track Record

New Times September 21 2016

By Evelyn Greenwald – San Luis Obispo

Brenda Holmes’s claim (“Harmon would give SLO a fresh start,” Sept. 8, New Times) that Mayor Jan Marx has done nothing to help SLO city residents is completely out of touch. Jan is a longtime member of Residents for Quality Neighborhoods. In office, she has worked tirelessly to improve life in the neighborhoods. The number of noise complaints has gone steadily down since Jan voted to increase enforcement.

Neighborhood blight has been significantly reduced since the neighborhood services program she voted for has been in operation. She has effectively lobbied Cal Poly to build more on-campus housing, which will house 1,475 new students, and has worked with residents in pressuring them to build even more dorms. In response to this community pressure, Cal Poly has actually begun the process of building the next round of dorms.

The Neighborhood Civility Collaboration, which Jan helped shape, has won the International Town Gown Association prize for innovation. And, just recently, she spearheaded setting aside funding for a new park in a neighborhood that’s been promised one for the last 40 years. Residents need this staunch advocate on City Council, not someone with opinions but no proven track record of actually getting anything done.

Jan Marx is the most qualified San Luis Obispo mayoral candidate

Earlier this year, I attended several San Luis Obispo City Council meetings. At all times during the sessions, even at the end of a long night, I observed Mayor Jan Marx to be professional, evenhanded and respectful to all who spoke. There was a range of issues presented — from water security to “democracy vouchers.” People packed the chambers, each with their own agenda, and it was a great display of democracy exercised at the local level.

Having observed Mayor Marx at these meetings, keeping everyone on track and on time, I developed the utmost respect for her abilities as mayor. A wide variety of people came before the council, from the police chief to the average citizen and, regardless of how impassioned the argument or professional the presentation, Mayor Marx was calm, efficient and knowledgeable.

Having served 12 years on the City Council, Mayor Marx has an in-depth understanding of the many complex issues facing our city. I can’t think of a better, more experienced person to guide our future. We’ve been lucky to have her serving as our mayor for the past six years. She is the most qualified person on the ballot to serve another term.