Of course, the drought and uncertain future rain patterns are big concerns for our city and our region. Due to prudent planning over the past thirty years, our city is in relatively good shape, with approximately five years of stored water from three reservoirs, plus recycled water and ground water as a backup. We just added over 2000 acre feet of Nacimento Reservoir water a year, taking our full contractual allocation. Our residents have stepped up to the challenge and reduced water usage by 25%, twice as much as the State required. The Urban Water Management Plan was just updated to now include provisions for a building moratorium triggered by certain level of water supply, which I supported. It also includes an upgrade to our Waste Water Resource Recovery facility (sewer plant) to make advanced water treatment, potable reuse, possible if need be. In conjunction, it provides for a ground water well field, to further purify recycled water and facilitate ground water recharge.