I was honored to be elected 2016 President of the Board of San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG) and the SLO Regional Transportation Agency (SLORTA) by unanimous vote of all of the County Supervisors and Mayors. I advocated for 8 years for a $16 million state grant, which, with SLOCOG Board support was allocated to the City’s Los Osos Valley Road Interchange upgrade. This grant, along with $8 million general fund and Measure Y funding and $7 million in bond funding, made it possible for the LOVR Interchange to be completed under budget and under time in spring of 2016.

However, the State has recently vastly reduced or eliminated most funding for local transportation, which presents a large obstacle to further progress. Therefore I strongly support putting a measure on the ballot to make us a Self-Help County, like 20 other counties in California. This would secure funding dedicated solely to our local transportation, which cannot be taken away by the State. If it passes, over 9 years the City will receive $20 million for Local Choice projects, plus $9.5 million for East-West regional connections in the City (Prado Road, Broad Street and Tank Farm), as well as a significant amount for bicycle, mass transit and senior transportation. (For details see

I support a systematic pavement management plan, since maintaining our city roads in an orderly, predictable manner saves taxpayer money and prevents vehicle damage. I also favor alternate transportation and voted to increase bicycle path funding in the Land Use and Circulation Element update. The City must continue to become more bicycle and pedestrian friendly by design.

I am an advocate of regional planning and comprehensive, efficient bus transportation. Increasing use of buses will reduce single vehicle travel, the primary source of green-house gas emissions in our City. The fact that over 7,000 students are living on campus, with 1500 beds more slated for 2018, makes bike trail access even more important, since trails make it possible to leave cars parked on campus and get to town and back safely. On the City Council, I have voted to accept a $3.2 million grant to extend the Railroad Safety Bike Trail over the railroad tracks behind the CHP Headquarters and have continued to mobilize community and agency support Bob Jones and other bicycle paths.