Maintaining the quality of our neighborhoods is a high priority for City residents and for me, personally. Tapping Measure G funds, I have supported adding two Neighborhood Specialists.

As Mayor I have devoted effort to increase neighborhood services and enhanced police protection and voted to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Cal Poly Police to work with our Police Department patrolling the area of the City within a mile of campus and to continue the Student Neighborhood Assistance (SNAP) program. I have voted for ordinances which have reduced the number of large out-of-control parties and noise complaints. Partnering with Cal Poly and Cuesta College, I have supported the City’s Neighborhood Civility effort, which recently won national recognition by the International Town Gown Association. I have continually encouraged Cal Poly to add more on campus housing for students and advocated an on-campus Greek Row.

Allowing our neighborhoods to become like Isla Vista is not an alternative!  If we are to thrive, San Luis Obispo must continue to improve our existing neighborhoods, facilitate well planned new neighborhoods and attract more permanent residents.