Self-Help Transportation Measure J

I support Measure J, the county-wide half-cent sales tax measure, which is solely dedicated to funding our local transportation infrastructure and relieving traffic congestion. If approved, it will raise about $25 million a year for nine years. This means that we would become a “self-help” county, like over 20 other counties and 84% of the residents in the State. Since the gas tax has been significantly reduced and less gas is being used, State transportation improvement funding has dwindled and almost stopped coming to our County. Having our own source of funding, which neither the State nor the Federal government could take away from us, would enable us to prioritize our local transportation needs and get things done, like improving bike paths and fixing pot holes. This measure would specifically help the City of San Luis Obispo by providing about $9 million a year to spend on City transportation priorities. It would reduce congestion on Highway 101 near Shell Beach and on Broad Street/227, both of which back up during rush hours. It would also address East-West circulation problems by improving Prado and Tank Farm Roads. If this measure does not pass, our roads and our economy will deteriorate.

For more information, go to their campaign website, http//