Adequate, safe housing is basic to human dignity and a healthy community. I have consistently voted in favor of increased workforce housing in our city. I am also an advocate of affordable housing and helped shape our inclusionary housing ordinance. It is a step in the right direction, but lack of affordable owner occupied and rental housing for permanent residents remains a serious problem for our City. The majority of renters still must pay rents in a high-rent student housing market.

For low and moderate income families and seniors, manufactured housing is affordable way to achieve housing stability. That is why, besides being in favor of affordable and multi-family housing, I am in favor of zoning that would make land available for manufactured housing. I also am in favor of innovative smart-growth planning measures, for instance allowing rooming houses and having a cottage ordinance that would allow more small, modest homes to be built in our city.

I am in favor of adding new, well planned neighborhoods to our city, especially since Cal Poly intends to substantially increase enrollment in the future. But, as specified by numerous City policies, addition of housing must be environmentally sustainable and within the capacity of our natural resources. I oppose sprawl development beyond our Urban Reserve Line and support infill to the extent it does not negatively impact well established neighborhoods.