Economic Development

In 2012, I voted in favor of the Economic Development Strategic Plan and am pleased to see that it is being well implemented. It focuses on encouraging the creation and continuation of head-of-household jobs in the City.

I support permit streamlining that does not compromise the right of the public to participate in the approval process. I voted in favor of creation of the Infrastructure Investment Capital Improvement Fund, which is designed to facilitate timely completion of projects with extraordinary public benefit, while making sure developers pay their fair share of infrastructure improvements.

Encouraging entrepreneurship and increasing access to Broadband are also strategies in the Plan which I support. I am in favor encouraging tourism, as long as the quality of life for city residents is not negatively impacted by it. I support our City building on existing regional efforts and strengthening economic partnerships, including helping businesses find locations within the City. I voted for the creation of the data dashboard on the city website because it not only facilitates economic development, but also provides greater transparency for all members of the public.