Countering Climate Change

I voted to approve our city’s excellent Climate Action Plan, but that was 2012. Now the Plan needs to be updated and more aggressively implemented. (See I intend to energetically advocate for this update, including a progress report from departments on each action item, as a major city goal during the budget setting conference in January 2017. Climate change is the single most important global challenge facing humanity at present. We must do all we can to counter it and adapt to rising temperatures and erratic rainfall patterns.

My concern about climate change is not new. In 2010, I partnered with the Local Government Commission and successfully helped secure a grant to investigate the effects of climate change on OUR county, This study also needs to be updated, as scientific evidence mounts that climate change is happening far more quickly than was earlier anticipated. While it is true that our small City cannot turn this global phenomenon around on our own, we need to work with the State and Federal governments, to do what we can. Along with all of my fellow City Council members I signed a resolution urging Congress to enact Revenue Neutral Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation.